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Lakeshore Mortgage Services, Inc.  
P.O. 2190
Kirkland,  WA  98083-2190  
(800) 999-3430
(425) 828-4600  
FAX: Call for No.

Lakeshore Mortgage Services, Inc., has been providing cash for contracts, notes and trust deeds since 1979. You can sell all or various portions of your contract, giving you a lump sum of money now instead of waiting for periodic installments. We quote net prices to you which means that we pay all of the closing costs. All quotes are free and without obligation.

We can purchase a portion of the current balance with you retaining ownership of the remaining balance. This is called selling a "partial" portion and this is usually done when you don't need all of the cash you would get when selling the entire balance. This usually means that over the life of the contract you will receive all or more of the current principal balance and we still pay all of the closing costs just as we always do.

We can also purchase your contract by paying you a lump sum now and let you continue to receive the monthly payments for the specific time period you need. This program helps property sellers qualify for a new home by enhancing both the amount of their down payment and their total monthly income.

There is very little, if any, discount on a partial purchase since we are usually buying the early - mostly interest - payments, which leaves you with nearly all of the principal balance to collect later - plus interest!

We can purchase entire contracts (or notes and trust deeds) paying you a single lump sum of cash in return for the "cash flow" you are now receiving. You can even sell us contracts before you start receiving payments from it!

We can purchase entire contracts in "multi-staged" pay-outs to provide tax relief when you have achieved a large capital gain in a property sale.

We can purchase "Reverse" partial portions so that you can continue to receive payments via a pass through of the current payment stream, yet give you a lump sum of cash today. In short, we buy the "back-ends" of contracts too. This can be the exact answer for the person who wants to purchase a new home, needs the contract monthly income to qualify for a larger home loan, but also needs to sell the contract to get the cash needed for the down payment on the home.

We can "enhance" the monthly payments you are receiving by restructuring the cash flow. This can be an incredible boon for the family of an elderly person who needs more income for their care than the contract currently pays.

We can purchase "fractional" interests in contracts such as a partnership where not all of the parties want to sell.

Remember - The price we quote is the net amount you will receive. We pay the closing costs.

In addition to purchasing we offer free contract evaluation letters and provide both short form and narrative real estate contract /trust deed appraisal services.

Consult an income tax professional regarding your personal tax situation.


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